Create your own memories

After relaxing in the comfort of one of our 28 suites with their contemporary style and enjoying the notorious Greek sun in our soothing outdoor pool area, here are some ideas that will make your stay a memorable experience:

Blazer Suiteselevate your palate to God-like levels. As the Olympian Gods-according to the Greek Mythology-follow their footsteps through divine flavors, as literally hundreds of choices & challenges await, in the dining & wining section. Glyfada alone has more than 60 different spots where you may enjoy a coffee, flavors from around the world or disappear into the sunset having a drink or dessert while you enjoy the deep-blue ocean view.

Tip: Greek taverns are places with nice traditional food, family atmosphere and interesting stories to tell.

Do not forget: to ask suggestions from the reception.

Blazer SuitesWater activities of course are an option, in one of the sandy beaches – Balux and Athena Beach – that are located just across the hotel with their family orientated playgrounds. A few more beaches wait for you a bit further away, offering a nice small getaway; the notorious Astir Beach only 6 km away that offers luxury as well as a sneak peek at Athens’ star system as it is a well-known hot spot of famous celebrities or even Varkiza Resort / Yabanaki with its vast land or if you prefer something less crowded: Legrena is 40 km away and is famous for its remote beaches. Guided tours & trips to both summer & winter destinations near Athens are in the agenda. Feel free to consult us.

Tip: weekdays are ideal for any sort of activities. Keep in mind that most of the Athenians go on field trips & activities during the weekends.

Do not forget: To find time to visit our nearby islands with the daily cruises.

Blazer Suitesa unique time-travel, as you visit significant landmarks and places of great cultural interest, as the Acropolis,The Theatres of Dionysos & Odeon of Herod Atticus, the Ancient Agora, the Plaka District, Syntagma Square, the National Gardens, and the Marble Olympic Stadium.

Tip: Always remember to ask for a reduced ticket at the museums, in case you have children with you.

Do not forget: To visit Lycabettus Hill and enjoy a panoramic view of Athens.

near the airport, 28 km away from the hotel, that opened in 2000, is a self-funded creation that extends to a total area of 20 hectares, hosting more than 2000 animals from 350 different species. Future plans include the expansion of the facilities with “Dinosavropolis”, an Evolution Museum with an emphasis on the Age of the Dinosaurs, as well as “Okeanopolis”, an Aquarium of international stature.

Tip: ask for the interactive educational sessions.

Do not forget: There is also Allou Fun Park (20 Km) with entertainment for all the family.

Blazer Suitesby taking a jog along the Sea-Side Avenue that runs in front of the Blazer Suites Hotel. The wide pavements will provide you a nice path to serenity, while gazing at the sea. You may even sharpen your puzzle – solving abilities in one of the newly found Mystery Houses, or renting a bicycle and enjoy a stroll along the Glyfada Marina (2 km from our hotel) or the Flisvos Marina (11 km from our hotel).

Tip: the best hour of the day for jogging is either at 06:00 am where the breeze is refreshing or just after 19:00 pm, where the sun turns the other way around.

Do not forget: give yourself a present by taking a walk and visit one of the many boutiques in the huge market of Glyfada – a shopping paradise of all brands.

one of the most impressive landscapes in Athens. The Lake’s healing waters along with the natural beauty & its history, turn it into a heaven on earth, just 6.5 km away from the Blazer Suites Hotel.

Tip: especially during the summer season, concerts & other cultural events are held there.

Do not forget: To visit the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio (48 km) and enjoy the magnificent sunset.